Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ferree Thanksgiving Shootout '09

I didn't get pictures of all the food because I was too busy eating it. ;) The sisters were all standing around talking about nothing when I notice Jesse and Melissa whispering. After I tortured them a little they finally caved and told me what they were talking about. Apparently, the next person to come in the front door was going to get attacked by "Turkeys." Then Melissa showed us the Turkeys....

Beth was the one to get attacked. Pretty much we smacked her with our "Turkey" hands while she screamed in pain and confusion. It was a lot of fun. Did I mention yet that this is the first time we've all been together where there was a camera present for quiet a while now. We had to take advantage.
Serious Sister Picture....
Omg, really Casey.... Really!

Ethan and Conner playing around.... This was after about the 30th time of telling them to get out of the kitchen. I think Ethan is making that face because he is discovering how Fat Conner really is.

Melissa and Katie.

I told you we love taking advantage of the timed setting on my camera now....

"Turkey Kisses"

Serious one...

Aaron and Conner.

Monica to the Rescue with Bubbles for the kids....
And now for the Shootout portion of this post.....

Tim being all Professional.

Jared showing off his Military training....

The guys favorite part of the day....

Micah adding his to the mix.

Dad and his Ear Muffs. Lol. I love those things. No ringing in the ears after shooting when you wear those bad boys. Dad was also the official Skeet Shooter of the day.

The Peanut Gallery.

Dad said it was harder than it looks and the boys laughed at him till they tried doing it and ended up throwing there's into the trees, and at one point someone else.

Mom. She is such a joiner some times.

Melissa looking too thin still......

Lol. This is one of my Favorite pictures of the Day. Josh, Josh, Josh. Gotta Love that Boy.

"The Preachers"

I love this one too. Josh and Ken.

Jessica is so funny to watch. So girly, packing heat. Lol.

Me making Conner acknowledge me.

I love this Face! Reminds me of this face Beth makes sometimes that cracks us all up.

Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Pie, neither of which I like.

Regan and Natalie all Snazzed up and ready to Party.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

All Jumbled Together....

Ok, since I'm too lazy to seperate everything individualy I'm just going to throw it all in here together. First, let me say that I am helping Amy move into her house tonight, (YAHOO!!!!!) so I have MORE pictures, they are just going to have to wait till tomorrow.

I LOVE this picture. It was a Random one at Bass Pro with my sisters and I absolutely love it. I think it's an Elk but I was too busy laughing with my girls to pay too much attention.

Here we are waiting on Amy to get done shopping for Chad.

Me, Casey and Jessica did the Shooting game. Casey won. She was just too weak to hold the gun herself. I volunteered and still have bruises.

Thanks Jesse for taking the pictures....

We begged, and begged Amy to get this for Chad but she kept saying No. Butthead.


Jessica making Friends. Meet Spirit. Him and Jesse email back and forth now. Josh better watch out....

We discovered that my camera will let me set the timer and take 3 pictures. 3! We didn't know this till it did it all of the sudden and scared the crap out of us. We decided to run with it though..... Picture #1

Pic #2

Pic #3

I got yelled at for taking this picture, apparently you are not allowed to take pictures inside this place "The Apple Barn." The food was amazing so I forgave them.

Casey striking a pose....

Just some of the Ferree girls..... CASEY! STOP SCREWING UP THE FREAKIN PICTURES!!!!

Sally and 5 of her girls. (No Melissa) (No, I am not acknowledging stupid Casey and her face in this picture)


Tim teaching Conner how to cross his eyes.

On the way to take Madyson to school....

The Twins Wreaths....

Madyson and the Wreath she made.... Look at that face! I have GOT to Stop Mocking Miley Cirus's weird face.

I think this is the one we did for Grandma Ferree....


There's more but I have to go now.... I still need to add the FerreeThanksgiving Shootout '09 Pictures. ;)