Monday, August 31, 2009

Trash and sunrise's

So I decided to take a picture of all the crap I deal with on a DAILY basis from the twins teacher.

Do you see all that paperwork! Honestly, all but like 3 pages are trash. I asked Beth if I was allowed to send a note to the teachers to ask that they NOT send stuff home unless I need to sign it or it's some kind of school update. But she said it would be considered rude. I still might do it though. I didn't sign Natalie's school agenda book 2 days in a row and her teacher sent home a sticker on her shirt saying "please sign and return." And inside the book she circled where she wanted me to sign. OMG!!! Seriously! I almost want to save all these papers for about a week then take them back in and say "Here ya go! Just thought you would like to find something else to do with them since all they are doing at my house is FILLING MY TRASH CAN!"
Here is a picture of Madyson one morning on the way to school. She wasn't too happy about it as you can see.

And the best thing about getting up early.....

Sunrise pictures! I love getting pictures of this little church right down from my house.
This one I took this morning. (Yes, I was driving while taking this! That is why it is not straight. But I love it anyways.) Madyson couldn't wait to tell her teacher about the birds she saw flying. This will also double as my Favorite picture of the day sinceI still don't havae my pictures back because Tim is still talking about sending my computer to that guy. These were on my camera memory card. Love that camera!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

School sucks!

I have to check the girls backpack Every Day. I swear I dread doing it Every Day!!! I'm not stupid. I know there is going to be stuff in there they want me to do for them since they seem to be too lazy to do it themselves. Natalie's teacher sent home a paper where she was supposed to trace her name then return it. So I set her at the table and ler her do whatever she wanted. She copied her name next to the names the teacher had written on the page. The Next day I got the SAME paper back with the word Trace underlined. OMG! Seriously!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!

Thanks God Madyson doesn't get homework yet. She usually pushes me out of the door, but teeice now she cried and didn't want me to go. It was so heartbreaking. Thank God Mrs Regina is such a sweet lady. Hugged her and calmed her down in no time at all.

I really hate not being able to put pictures on here. Still waiting on Tim to give that man the computer so he can fix it. Waiting, waiting, waiting. The story of my life.

I swear I watch Iron Giant at least 3 times a day. Wall-E once a day, and we just recently added Bob the Builder to that list. The killer is, he doesn't sit and watch them the whole time. He just likes to have them on in the background. He can be all the way back in the twins room and when it gets to his favorite parts I'll hear him say "No, No, No. No Powowing." That's "Following" for those of you that don't speak cuteness. It's was cute the first 1,000 times, now it's just an annoying thing that happens like 5 times a day. Oh, thank God for my Ipod so I can tune out Hogarth and the Giant.

Hopefully pictures to come soon. We'll see.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Homework Shmomework!"

The twins just got home from their First Day Of School! They are so big.... (I would normally post a picture here but since our computer is wiped clean right now I can't.) They get in the truck so excited, talking a mile a minute, telling me everything, and I am so happy to see them. Then they hand me their folders. :( I am currently sitting on my couch up to my elbows in "Homework." Can you say OMG!!! There is so much stuff to fill out, and things they want me to have the girls do that my head hurts just looking at it, and I really feel like crying right now. Cut this, write this, color this. And it has to be done by Friday! If I new it was going to be this hard I would have just home schooled them. NOT! Sorry, stressed moment there. Do you think they would take it out on my kids if I Didn't do my homework? How long can I get away with just sending it back untouched? Lol. So tempting..... I honestly get so mad when I think about how much stuff they have already sent home for the girls to do. It makes me wonder what they are even doing at school since they are bringing everything home anyway's. I just want to yell "No! You can't make me!!!" Or, "I DON'T KNOW YOU, GET OFF MY PURSE!" (Sorry, sister joke.) (He, He, right Jesse and Beth. Lol.) (Amy, fill you in later.) Where was I? Oh, Devil work. So, I guess my evening is going to consist of filling out a pile of paper work and making the girls write their names 50 times. Oh, and scissors! They want me to let them cut up papers. Have they met my kids? Have they seen Regan's bangs, or Madyson's hair? (Pictures later!) So much fun!!! :(

Conner's new favorite commercial is the Dell Computer one that sings "Lollie Pop." He runs around saying "Yayie Yop!" through the whole commercial.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Leaving for a while...

Tim has just informed me that he will be removing a bunch of stuff from the computer tonight and then having someone look at it, so I will not have my computer for a while. I'm sorry and will miss writting to you even though it hasn't been much lately. I think the guy is going to get rid of Windows Vista since it is of the Devil. Talk to you soon!

I'll leave you with this adorable smile to hold you over. He was talking to my xbox friends while I played. So Cute! I just wanna pinch those little cheeks.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Money Issues.... Again

I'm a little srtressed right now. Between bills, food and gas we were left with like $50 in the bank. Then something went through that I didn't know was going through and now, for the first time in forever we are in the negative. Do you have any idea how much that sucks? Let me tell ya. A LOT! I also received the kids school supply lists and on top of all the crap you have to buy they also want you to pay $30 for other things the class needs, $5 for headphones, $2 for a special notebook Regan's teacher thinks she needs. I have 2 kids starting Kindergarten so that means $60 just to get started. OMG! I am a little freaked right now. Tim keeps asking me what we are going to do and I honestly think I might slap him if he asks again. I guess I need to try and figure out what to do now then. Sometimes it's just not worth it to get out of bed some mornings.

Regan started Kindergarten this morning and Madyson went her 2nd day. I took some pictures to be posted on here tomorrow, hopefully.

Thanks for letting me vent. I feel a little better now.

These are my favorite pictures because they make me smile even when I'm stressed.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Blog Issues

I'm trying to work on my blog but blogspot is giving me issues. Sorry. Ill keep trying.

First day of Pre-K

Madyson is 4 years old. 5 on Feb. 1st. She started school today. Pre-K. It's so sad. She is the first one to start school this year. Regan goes tomorrow, Natalie Friday, then they start up for good on Wed. the 12th. I was so reluctant to see her go. More so than the twins. Her and Conner are Bff. I don't know how he's going to do when the twins go too, he's playing with them now. I got her up at 10 after 7 and she didn't fight me or anything. Got dressed, let me brush her hair, put her shoes on.... NOTHING!!! Anyone who know Mady knows that she always whines when she does anything. Says she's scared when you tell her she needs to do something. But this morning she didn't say much of anything, was a little silly but otherwise pretty quiet. I called Beth this morning on the way to the school and let her talk to May-May. She asked questions and got answers and even made her smile everytime she called her a "Big Girl."

Look at those big eyes. I wonder where she gets those from?

Look at that little model pose!

She only asked me about one thing that she wanted to do at school today. Painting. She loves painting. So I asked her teacher and she said "Yes, there will be painting." Needless to say she got very excited then. The classroom door does not open till 7:30, and you can't go in till it's open, and we were there 5 minutes early waiting.

One of her Teachers. Mrs Regina. I love this teacher! She is so friendly. I just love her. The onther one is ok. These are the same ones that the twins had last year so I trust them completely. And the twins did so good with them.

They had her copy her name so they could see how she did. She actually got the M,and her A looked like an O, but she Sure knows how to write those M's. She had like 3 in her name.

Trying out stuff around the room.

Favorite picture to go along with the Madyson theme. This child loves frogs. Everythime she goes outside she always comes and finds me to show me the frog she found. Then that poor frog gets carried around all day long. It's really gross in my opinion, but hey, whatever makes her happy, right.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Jessica. Aren't you like 30 now?

Jessica, Jessica, Jessica. Where to begin. Lets see. Should I start with the time you frenched your own brother? Or helped me bury Mels poop outside? Or how you used to sneak out of your room EVERY night you 17th year and NEVER got caught. Lets see..... I have been going on 5 hours of sleep for a month now so I am having a hard time thinking us some fun stories.) We used to cruise the strip together(after Jess had locked the doors of course.) Or yesterday when we were sitting in the bank drive through and Clifton yelled really loud "TODAY IS JESSICA HUGHES BIRTHDAY!!!" And the guys in the car next to us yelled "Happy Birthday Jessica!" Poor Jesse got as red as a tomato. I laughed my butt off. Or, remember the time I would drive your little green car and once you hit like 30mph it would start vibrating and I would hummmm along with it till you were yelling at me to shut up. Oh, good times. (Ignore my scary hair please.)

Remember this? When I thought your big butt wouldn't fit on Micah's bike. Boy was I proven wrong, huh. Lol. Of course I got pictures, like I would let an opportunity like that pass.

She has always kinda adopted my kids. For a while anyway. Right now she is totally obsessed with Conner. Poor Conner can't do anything when she is around because she is always stuck to his butt the whole time.

Before Conner was Madyson...

Remember the time Josh and Clinton locked us in that shed and said if we lasted 3 minutes of them throwing smoke bombs in with us that they would give us a jar of money. You lasted 2 and they took off running down the hill with smoke blowing behind you in the wind. Lol. You looked like someone had caught your hair on fire.

New hair color after dying over the Crack head blond.

Remember when I was learning to drive a stick shift and was making it buck so bad that Mom, you and Beth were laughing so hard no one could tell me how to stop the car from doing that. I tried it with Dad too but he laughed also and I finally just kicked everyone out and did it myself.

She eventually got rid of those braces and turned out pretty normal looking.

Here are pictures from her party last night at Chili's. Fun times!

I like getting pics of me and Mel cause we look so much alike. Cheeks, noses, smiles. And I used to have a chin like that before mine dropped.

The Birthday Girl and her Hubby, Josh.

Me and the stripper we hired to dance for her. He was kinda cute, right!

We did have Cliff and Josh make the stripping music as Tim left but he wouldn't even swing his handcuffs around his head. Party Pooper!

If you've ever seen Beth's favorite show "Toddlers and Tiara's" then you will recognize this next pose. Beth's new face to make. We like making fun of it too though.

The Fun Sisters!!! HA! Like that Amos? He, He.

You'll notice that ALL of us are wearing some sort of pink. It was totally not planned. Also, this picture sucks because of the reflection in the glass but no one wanted to move to fix that.

The Ho's!

I think we sang to her like 3 times. Loud too, had to embarass her as much as possible since she has been yelling for the past week that it's her Bday week any time she wants something.