Wednesday, April 29, 2009

River rats

Tim and I took the kids to Grasshopper Creek Tuesday, since the girls were out of school. We had a blast. We took the boat and Tim would let the kids take turns riding in it with him. Conner rode the most, of course. Anything his father does he’s right there beside him. The girls loved the water even though it was so cold. They fought over who was going to get to wear the 2 new suits I had bought. Poor Natalie got shafted. Every time Tim would take someone out on the boat besides him, Conner would flip out and get so ticked that I finally got sick of hearing it and threw him in the water. Needless to say he calmed down enough to play. (The butt crack is my favorite part about this picture.)

That is Tim and Regan on the boat in the back ground. Natalie was so tempted to jump in the water off of this ledge that was about 3 or 4 foot high but the water was only about a foot deep so I wouldn’t let her. I think she was secretly relieved. Madyson kept egging her on saying, “Do it! Do it!” But when I asked her(mady) if she was going to jump she said No, it was too high.

The girls waiting patiently for a fish to catch. The 2 not looking at me were watching Conner throw Tim's lures in the water hoping they don't get blamed for it.

Here is Tim showing off the fish he caught with the girls help. We got video of it if you want to see it. Just go to Tim’s Myspace page and check it out. Those of you who know his last name that is. They were so brave. They actually touched the slimy thing, braver than me. Yuk!

Here’s Tim being like Mike Iaconnelli, the pro fisherman. isn't he the cutest little dork you've ever seen.

Here’s Regan trying to be like her Dad.

Tim and his Bff fishing. They are only in 3 feet of water here. That is why Conner isn't wearing a life jacket. Not to mention everytime we put it on him he screamed like a little girl. Hmmmm, wonder if he learned that from his daddy also?

Waiting for their turn on the boat.

We are by the beach (that is where I am standing) so there are no fish to catch but the girls wanted to show me how they did it.

Playing "Turtle, Turtle." (It's a family thing.)

Some of my favorite shots of the day.

Our visitors.

Look at Regan's long, beautiful hair. So pretty.

Conner's hair blowing in the wind.

And when I got bored.....

My favorite part of the day was collecting the shells to take to Mamaw and Papaw. While we were collecting a slug crawled out of one and Madyson started screaming that a snake was trying to get her. Also, trying to back the boat carrier thing, that I honestly can not think of the name right now, down the boat ramp straight and ending up sideways practically. It's really harder than it looks. God forbide it just go straight so I can show Tim I can do things just as good as him. Needless to say he laughed at me for a long time because of that. But their was another woman there that was trying to do it too and she messed up just as much as me, we both agreed that men suck and can do it by themselves from now on.
Ps, Madyson is still carrying the shells around in her purse. Maybe we will get them to my parents some time this year. We'll see.

Tweet tweet

I was talking to Casey a few weeks ago and she was acting all paranoid, looking around, jumpy. I finally get annoyed enough to ask her what her problem is and she asks me if I want to see something cool. My first thought is Oh God, am I going to have to tell on her to Mom? Nope, no piercing of any kind, or tattoo’s. This is what she finally shows me after shooing the kids away so they don’t see.

Aren’t they so pretty. Red and white eggs. And in Mom’s grill. Of all the places. Chad has a better grill so they have been using it instead of Mom’s so I guess the dumb bird that put them there decided to put it to use for them instead of just sitting there. I checked on it again yesterday. Here’s what I found.
Isn’t that just so cute. I counted 5 little heads, so they all made it, and they all look exactly the same. I didn’t expect yellow and black birds out of red and white eggs though. These shots aren’t very good because I was trying to hold the lid and take the pictures at the same time without accidentally dropping it and scaring them to death….. And me.
Now lets just hope the kids don’t find the poor things. I can totally see the boys throwing them in the air telling them to fly. (Conner too Amy, not just yours. Although they would probably show him how first.)
Sometimes I like to tell Tim I’m pregnant, just to see how he reacts. At random times too. While driving down the road, while he’s sitting on the toilet, when the kids are running circles around us and he’s about to shoot himself in the foot to get away. So far he hasn’t laughed when I do it. Hmmm, I wonder why. The most common thing for him to do is smack my leg as hard as possible and tell me “NO!” Then he thanks God that he is fixed. (like the dog he is) Lol.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Caution "Sleep Calling"

Amy wrote the other day about taking the kids to the park and I wanted to add my 2 cents.

First, you should have seen her kids faces. They were so excited to do something away from the house or Walmart. I thought Micah was going to pee himself.
Second, I don’t like taking my kids places when there are a lot of people around. I like to go during the week when no one is around to see you beat your kids or when you don’t have to worry about the strange men looking at them. I always worry that someone will grab one and run. I’m sure all you Mom’s agree.
Third, I think amy over thinks things sometimes. I honestly could care less if my kids are dirty or are running around like they are finally allowed to have fun this month. I see it as they got that dirt because we were playing in the rocks earlier while your kid was stuck indoors wishing they could be in the rocks like us. (Not your kids Amy, kids in general.)(We all know how much yours like the rocks.) We are totally going to have fun no matter what anyone else thinks.



Here she is trying to fly far, far away.

Here is Conner testing his wings, while I tested my depends.

Madyson dressed herself again that day. She was wearing her hot pink boots but I made her change so she could run and play without taking out the other kids eyes.

Tim called me from work yesterday and asked my why on earth I called him at 1:30am. I had no clue what he was talking about. I checked my phone but since I had already called him again it just updates the time instead of telling me both times I called. I don't know if I believe him or not though. That would mean that for some strange reason, at 1:30am, I picked up my phone and called Tim. Seriously! "Sleep calling." Tim talks in his sleep, at least that is something funny and some what cool, but calling people while I am sleeping. How retarded. I mean, I was laying right next to him in bed so anything I had to say I just needed to roll over and say. I asked if there was a voice mail, but no. (that would have been so funny, right.)Just letting you guys know about it since I might be calling you in the middle of the night, Nothing serious, just me being a dork.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Don’t you just love the weekend! We had so much fun this weekend. Tim took me fishing Friday afternoon. It was so fun. I didn’t catch anything, just one little nibble. After about 2 hours I gave up and started reading. Here’s my kind of relaxing day. Look at that blue sky!

Tim did pretty good. Caught 2 keepers. Lots of nibbles. He was so proud of his fish. As you can see, I took my camera along. I think I took like 100 pictures in those few hours. When I get bored I tend to snap away or read. This time I read most of the time but here are some of my favorite shots

Here is my favorite shot. So peaceful, right.

Look at how green everything was. I kept hearing noises in the woods. Very freaky considering how close we were to the shore and how shallow the water was. I was afraid a bear was going to swim out and get us. Why yes I am a paranoid freak. You could see everything under the water though. We saw so many fish that just laughed at our lures and kept on swimming. I only put my feet in the water once because I was afraid a shark was going to eat my toes off. Yes, I know it’s fresh water and sharks can’t live in fresh water, but I’ve seen enough shark shows to know that bull sharks have been known to swim inland and since a lot of fresh water streams are connected to the ocean what’s to say that sharks couldn’t make it to the Tennessee River.
I did tell you how paranoid I am when it comes to water.

Proof that I was there. Tim was so paranoid that I was going to drop my camera in the water. Yeah right! That thing is like a 5th child that is really, really good and listens to me when I talk. The best kid EVER! It’s not going anywhere

Madyson is obsessed with watching Nims Island. She always freaks out on the part where the shark hit’s the boat and shakes it. She just told me, “I don’t like sharks, I just like otters and penguins.” I just like watching Gerard Butler. That man is one fine piece of meat. (Mom that one is for you. Yes, I am happily married, but my hubby also gets my sense of humor and understands when I’m joking.) Currently her and Conner are fighting over who gets to sit beside me. Conner is winning because he is meaner than her.
For Gay. Find the lady bug!
Ps. If you click on the picture it gets bigger.

Friday, April 24, 2009


I’ve already told Beth about this but it’s so weird that I thought I’d share it with you guys also. I don’t usually have weird dreams. At least I don’t think they’re weird. Alligators on a regular basis, sex a lot, T-Rex a couple of times, trying to get my family, I always have to make sure my kids are with someone who can run fast because I can’t carry them all. Sorry Casey, that is not you. And every once in a while I dream my teeth fall out. Yes, I am aware that it’s supposed to have something to do with pride. I honestly don’t consider myself a prideful person. I hate the teeth one. The fear and embarrassment of when I spit a tooth in my hand and feeling them move around in my mouth like they are going to fall out at any moment. Blah! The next dream, the one I had night before last, is weird. I dreamed that I saw an ant crawling on my shoulder so I squished it, but then there was another one, then another. So I looked closer and noticed an ant crawling out of the earring hole in my ear. I freaked! Started screaming and trying to get them out and looked closer in the mirror and that’s when I saw them crawling out of my eye! Can you say OMG!!!! I do not understand that one at all. So weird, right. Then some guy with a nice body heard me crying and totally gave me a hug. I don’t remember his face, don’t think I actually looked at his face. All I remember is that he was wearing a black shirt and he was buff and let me bawl all over his nice black shirt. I would like to think it was my hubby (only buff, love you Tim, you‘re perfect the way you are!!!) but honestly, it didn’t feel like it was him. I’m pretty sure I get weirdest dream award with that one. I mean, come on, how many of you dream that ants are crawling out of your earring holes.

Mom, feel free to skip this paragraph. That includes anyone else that gets embarrassed easily.

I got woke up this morning by Madyson coming down stairs to ask me where her sisters are and where her daddy is. (school and fishing) Then we heard Conner talking through the monitor and so she went to play with him while I got up and got dressed. Next thing I know she is running down the stairs screaming and crying, saying Conner had bit her. Sure enough there were 4 little teeth marks on her belly. I asked her why he bit her and she said, “cause he’s mean to me.” I go ask Conner why he bit May May and he points at her belly and says “Boobie.” Can you say just like his father. I can’t wear any kind of low cut shirt or Conner tries to look down it, just like his father. I’ve told Tim hundreds of times not to touch me there in front of the kids, but does he listen…….. Well, sometimes actually. But Conner sees more than he should, that’s for sure.

I’m going fishing with Tim later today so I should have some pretty river shots for tomorrow. As for today I’m going to pull out another old school picture I just came across. Amy, you’ll recognize this one. I think we posed turned this way because I had just had Conner and was trying to get my skinniest side. Lol. Didn’t work though. Or might have been showing off the boobies. Who knows.

Look at how chunky Conner used to be. So adorable.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tattle Tales

I was leaving Mom’s house Sunday and was a little stressed from fighting with the kids and was just ready to get home. I wasn’t paying much attention to anything but driving and not killing my kids, when suddenly I see something over by the woods. At first I thought it was fake because I haven’t seen any close up for about 2 years now when I can across 2 baby ones in the middle of the road playing. What was it I saw?

Isn’t she just beautiful! She stood there looking at us for like 5 minutes till I finally caved to my kids and honked the horn to “get her to move.” She was so fat though. You can see it in this picture. Look at how her belly just hangs down so low.

I hope she’s pregnant because I would love some shots of the babies. After she left I felt better and more relaxed so we ended up driving around a little looking at every ones flowers. Which, as you know, I love to do.

This same day Conner fell and scratched his arm. I have never done the band-aid thing with him, but this time I did. Washed his boo-boo off, then put some peroxide on it, then a band-aid. He was facinated the whole time. He also kept that band-aid on for 3 days straight and anytime Tim or I would ask him what he was doing or just say "Hi Conner!" he would hold up his arm and show us his boo-boo. In this pic I said "Cheese!" and he did this........

You'll also notice the crazy person in the back ground cheesing it up. That would be my hammy Mady. We hate seeing that stupid passy in his mouth so we are trying to get rid of it, but everytime he cries and won't stop we cave and hand it over. I mean, who wants to listen to that crap all the time. Not Me!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Amy has asked me if I ever worry that maybe I switched the twins by accident when they were babies and have been calling them by the wrong name ever since. YES AMY!!! All the time. What if Regan is really Natalie and Natalie is really Regan. I don’t remember a lot that first year so it is totally possible. Not to mention when they were in diapers only, or naked straight from the bath, they were SOOOO hard to tell apart. How much would that suck! The first months were hell on Earth so there’s no telling what happened back then. Have I mentioned how much it sucked right after they were born. They were so adorable though. Let me tell ya. Even when they were throwing up on us, and leaking poop all over us, and crying non stop. They were just the cutest little things. I figured since it’s been 5 ½ years(OMG I’m going to cry) then we could just take a walk down memory lane together.

Natalie-right, Regan-left. And the only reason I know this is because of the Bows. God Bless the women in the nursery. This is how Natalie got stuck with pink and Regan with every other color.

See how tiny they were! Linn, I would like to see pics of your boys at this age too. And my cute Timmy Poo is sooooo young here. 22 I think. No 21, almost 22. I’m assuming this is Natalie because I would strategically place their “colors” in the picture so I would know which one I was looking at years later. And Look, I think it worked.

I love this pic. Madyson, Natalie and Regan. They had just gotten done swimming and Regan crashed right after this picture. These pictures were scanned onto the computer so that’s why they look weird.

Fat little Regan. And I only know this because my computer says so.

Here they are at like 3, maybe 4 months old. All you have to do is find the one with the fatter face and rounder head and that is Regan. Guess which one it is? Lol.
I'm sitting here remembering how hard it was and watching “Jon and Kate plus 8” thanking God I don’t have that many.
Here I am at somewhere between 4 to 6 months pregnant. See how happy I look. 20 and the size of a cow. That belly is so pretty though. Now it’s covered in nothing but stretch marks. Yes, I blame the twins for my gross body now. And Tim. He started it all.

I figure Beth and Linn will like this post best cause Beth is obsessed with the twins and Linn has twins. I really just couldn’t come up with anything funny today so I just whipped out the old pics. Here’s something funny. What kind of bees make milk? …………….. Boo-Bees. (boobies)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Car Wash $5

We helped Beth wash her car this past weekend. Well, let me rephrase that. The kids washed Beth’s car while I took pictures of them doing an awesome job. It was fun because Natalie had control of the hose most of the time and would “accidentally” spray her sisters. Conner even helped. That 6 inch spot was the shiniest on the car. Regan kept telling Natalie where to spray, I guess I probably would have “accidentally” sprayed her too. Then Amy got there with her kids and within 20 minutes they were all naked and going crazy in the yard. We had to dry all of their clothes and the twins walked around with only a towels on and would “adjust” their towel and flash the whole room. It was so funny cause all the boys would start giggling and Conner would run over and start poking the naked butt. Just kidding. He was too busy torturing Ben. Here’s some pics of the fun.

It starts with a shirt.....

See, there go the rest of the clothes!!! I had some more shots of the kids in just their undies but figured that would make it too easy for the perverts out there.
I swear my girls start stripping down the moment they get in the van, from school. I have to bring in clothes all the time. Madyson has started this changing clothes 10 times a day thing. I hate doing laundry so it sucks, Big Time.

I just love this picture. I messed with my manual settings and upped the shutter speed to get the water better. Turned out pretty good, I think.

Then we started to see who could do a cartwheel, and needless to say we were all sore for the rest of the day.


Jesse was so fast all I got was blur. Look at how straight her legs were though!

Amy getting in on it. I thought for sure she was going to land on her head.

Yes, I did it too but Amy snapped the pic too soon and too late so no shots of me. I did it once and when I got home I had to limp after Conner while he ran circles around me, taunting me. If he could talk I’m sure he would have been saying, “HA! HA! Mom can’t catch me.” And probably a few choice words that I would have to wash his mouth out with soap for. Then I would have to call his Dad and yell at him for teaching his son those words and we would argue and I would hang up on him….. it’s probably a good thing he can’t talk very good yet, huh.