Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sunflower again

Mom's sunflowers again. this one is curently my background on my computer. Love it. These are also my favorites for today.

Just look at that bee!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

OMG! That's 3 now Beth

I have to say that we are the BEST sisters ever! Beth got 2 Birthday party's out of us this year. We had a cookout at Mom/Amy's house and had some out of town visitors. I got some pictures I wanna share with you all. This was the morning after we discovered Regan and Madyson cutting their own hair.... AGAIN! But that's a post for a different day.

Right after me and Jesse raced to get the last seat on the couch. She won, but regretted it after.

The Birthday song.

Here is Cliffton's present to Beth. What she didn't ask for.

From Cliff also, didn't ask for that either. I was going to put this as my favorite picture for today but changed my mind.

Jesse pretending to like Micah.

I was trying to get a picture of just Ben but Amy wouldn't let me, had to stick her big head in there.

Josh refusing to smile...... again.
Me and my hubby.

The group..... Well, minus the boys anyway.

Favorite shot. You know me, when I get bored I take random pictures. I kinda really love Mom's light fixtures. I couldn't decide which one I liked better.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Look Beth, that's 2 about you now!!!

We hung out with Beth at her house on her Bday Weds. HAPPY 26th BETH!!! I got some good pictures of the clouds that day and a few of us sisters hanging out. Here are some of the ones I got. Also I would like to apologize for not being very witty lately. I just haven’t been in one of those moods where I wanna be funny. Not to mention the fact that I have fought a headache everyday for the past 2 weeks, called Conner. Just kidding, about the Conner thing, not the headache thing. Anyway, Here’s the pictures.

Dork face and Beth.
Me and Jesse. I had to MAKE her get in this picture. She was very anti-social that night. That’s right Hoochie Momma, I said it. YOU WERE A B WORD!!! Butthead. God, get your mind out of the gutter people. My Grandma reads this, like I’m gonna put cuss words on here. I was raised better than that. Or so my parents think anyway.

Mel told me to do sexy lips, but since mine come out looking like duck lips, I decided to be a dork instead. Not much better that duck lips I guess though.

Yes, that is 3 pictures of me and Mel. I think she knew that I would delete the pictures of just her so she made me get in with her. I think my favorite part of the evening was when 3 people, in the span of 5 minutes, asked Clifton if he wanted to go somewhere else since it was going to be just us girls and they were sure he wouldn't want to hang out with a bunch of girls again, (last time we had him blushing most of the night.) Like he couldn't see through that pretense of concern for him being bored. He totally knew they were just trying to get rid of him.
Favorite Picture. The clouds where so beautiful that evening. I love seeing the suns rays poking through the clouds.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

HAPPY 28th BETH!!!


HAH! Take That Amy!

Ps. Love you Beth.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chester Frost Park

Chester Frost park. We went with my MIL and SIL saturday. It is a camp ground/park/beach. We had so much fun. The kids enjoyed the water, I enjoyed getting to take pictures.

Madyson found some trash and played with it for hours.

Joslyn making a crazy face.

I feel like you should be able to see ropes holding the clouds up.

Conner trying to lure me back out to the water. No thanks. The breeze was chilly.
Regan laying out.

The kids LOVED the geese. Lisa barked and made them run. I'm not sure if she did it for the kids, or herself.

My favorite picture from the day!!!! Conner in Joslyn's sunglasses.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Mom's sunflower that the birds planted for her.

It's not very pretty in the middle, but the Color is to die for.

This one is my favorite. I have it as my background on my computer for now.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Snakes are of the Devil"

I was cleaning the house this week when all of a sudden I hear a blood curling scream coming from one of my kids. They were playing with the neighbor kid so I just dropped the broom and took off running, (Yes, I can't believe it either, me RUN! Ha!) I even forgot my shoes, well, till I hit the rocks anyway but by then it was to late to go back for them. I start yelling "What's wrong, What's wrong?" Then I hear, "OMGITSASNAKEINTHEGRASSHELPHELPHELP!!!" Fast, loud, screeching. She repeated it 3 times before I got what she was saying. I immediately start looking at the kids to see if any are holding wounds, they weren't, and then trying to find the snake. Then I notice Conner and Natalie. They are about 15 feet from me and pointing at the grass. So I start yelling "GET BACK, GET BACK!" And sure enough, right in front of them, slithering along, is a snake about 4 feet long, hauling butt away from the kids, and my kids are chasing it across the yard. OMG! I HATE snakes! Need I remind you about the previous time I came across a snake. (Just do a search for snake and you'll find it.) So I yell for Gracie(neighbor girl) to grab me a shovel (YES, I'm going to kill it. My kids play in that yard ALL THE TIME!) I swear I chopped that stupid snake 3 times with that shovel and could Not get it's head chopped off. The 3rd time I just help it down while Gracie's Mother ran across the road to get the guy who lives there. He, in turn, chopped at it with a hoe and even he couldn't get it's head off either. Didn't even break it's scales. We don't know what kind of snake it was. Figure it was a copperhead, maybe. I found out later that Regan had seen it in the grass and reached down to pick it up thinking it was a toy, therefore the blood curling scream. It scares me so much thinking that one of my kids could have been bitten by that snake. THANK YOU GOD that they weren't.

Favorite pictures: Look at this little Cutie Pie! Aren't those cheeks just so pinchable!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bed Wetters

Every time the girls wake up they tell me about the dream they had, then proceed to tell me everything they dreamed about. They have dreamed that Papaw died and was in Heaven. That they had a pet Bunny, mouse, hamster, horse, pig. They love animals. And when they pee the bed they like to tell me why. I have heard “I was dreaming I was swimming in the pool.” Or “ I dreamed I was on the potty.” And “I dreamed I was under water.“ Things to do with water mostly.

Just look at how tan they are. They don’t burn, just go straight brown. I am so jealous. Not what this post is about though. Here they are in March (dressed up for Dr. Sueis Day that I was apparently wrong when I heard dress your kid like a dork so I had to hurry and fix their hair and pants so they wouldn't be embarrassed) and not very tan at all. See the difference. They get that from Tim’s side of the family. They have Indian in them. Which means sometimes I have a little Indian in me too. ;) Sorry, bad joke, but still too funny not to put in here.

I just heard Madyson tell her sisters that she had a dream her and Melissa saw a tornado and rode a carnival. I love that they are old enough to know that they are dreams and remember to tell me about it. They also come screaming down the stairs sometimes yelling that they had a bad dream. Those are not so fun nights.

Favorite Shot: I told Conner to smell the flower. I guess he smells with his tongue, like a snake.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Poop threats

Look at what was helping me do the laundry. I tried folding it and putting it in a drawer but it didn't like that very much. Threatened to poop on me while I was sleeping.
Do you guys like the playlist at the bottom? Or should I just get rid of it? Let me know, or Beth know, those of you she forwards it to.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Dr Visit/Bee sting

The twins had to go get physicals last week for school. We honestly didn't think they would need shots, so I told the girls, every time they asked, "no shots." The whole time in the waiting room, "No shots, right Mom." and I would say, "Nope no shots today." I asked the Nurse practitioner if they would need them and Natalie goes, "No, we don't." But, unfortunately, they needed 5. Now I usually limit it to 2 maybe 3 per visit because I don't like the fevers that come with it, or the doped up kid, or the inflamed shot spots. I have only had like 2 Dr. that haven't fought me over it, and actually worked with me on it. This one did not. She argued with me for 10 minutes about how my insurance wouldn't cover it if we split it up, and I would have to play for the visit and shot, bla, bla, bla. Finally, when I was about to lose my head and start screaming VERY loud curse words, she said that we could put off the Hep. A shot, which would have been a new one for the twins. All I had to do was sign a paper saying I denied it. I know I caved by letting them give the twins 4 shots, but honestly, I was just so sick of fighting and was ready to get out of there before I smacked a witch. I did make sure that they were all shots that they have had before, not new ones. I did get some cute pictures with my phone of the girls getting their heart listened to up on the little bed thing.

So, the shots. I thought I would be sneaky and have Natalie hide in the closet while Regan got the shots. Nope, she heard Every cry of pain and Regan yelling "NO, NO, NO, NO!" Apparently she tensed up so bad that she has bruises from where they had to push through the muscle. Natalie screamed bloody murder the whole time. Real tears. It was heart breaking. I told Tim I would rather take Conner instead of the twins. They were a little stiff for about 3 days, and Natalie's got a little inflamed. That's it.
Madyson stepped on a bee and for the last 30 minutes has screamed bloody murder. She went to bed, thinking if she took a nap when she woke up it wouldn't hurt any more, but cried so much that Conner went in there to check on her and she ended up screaming at him to "get off her bed and stop trying to touch her bee sting." I would take a picture but I just got her quiet and don't want to get the water works going again. Oh, who am I kidding.....
Her "I'm in pain" face.

Notice the pain on her face. Lol

Here is her "scared/cry baby" face. Notice the stick by her foot. Conner thought hitting the bee sting with a stick would help.

Conner snuck over to see the chickens on my "Farm." Gotta love Facebook.