Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Satuday off

A women that goes to church with us just called to see if my kids could come play with her girls Saturday, then let my girls stay the night. I love getting these phone calls! There are few people that I would let my kids spend the night with but I totally trust the “H” family to spoil my kids and I honestly Never worry about them with they are with the “H” family. I am so excited about Saturday now. Tim is working Saturday so either I will just have a Me day or I will go on a ride-a-long with him. That means I get to ride in his cop car with him and sometimes he lets me play with the clicker thing that controls the Radar Gun. You laugh but it is so fun. Although we clocked a guy going really fast one day and Tim pulled him over and it was just a kid so I felt bad and begged Tim to let him go and he wouldn’t. So mean! I also just found out that it’s going to be a Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family so maybe I’ll just stay home and watch that. Hmmmm. Choices, choices.

I was brushing the twins hair yesterday and realized just how long it really is. Natalie has told me that she wants her hair to be long like “beffies”, so has Mady, but Regan wants hers cut short but I refuse to do it because it is so long and curly. Isn’t is so pretty.

Photo of the Day. Taken in ‘07 in DC when we went to visit Amy.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sleepless nights

I’m trying to figure out a way to get Tim to leave the house today. Me and the kids want to get out and do something but he just wants to just lay around and do nothing. He hasn’t been sleeping good at all, (neither one of us has really) so night before last we stayed up late talking about all of his old girlfriends (and there are like hundreds!) and my old boyfriends (only like 3). We laughed at how silly we used to act and all the fun we used to have. All in all it was a very sweet and funny night. One of those night where you remember exactly why you love each other all over again, Lord knows we needed that after 7 ½ years of putting up with each other. Just kidding!

Last night Regan had an accident and was trying to change panties in the living room, and for some odd reason Conner too it upon himself to point out her naked booty. She was trying to pull up her panties and Conner was poking her butt saying “poopie butt!” (slur the words together and you’ll sound just like Conner.) I was giggling behind my hand while Tim was trying to discipline him and not burst out laughing. After a few minutes of fighting with Conner we were finally able to get some panties on Regan’s naked butt.
I know the flowers have nothing what so ever to do with either one of these stories but since it’s my blog I can put anything I want on here and I wanted to post some of my favorite pictures that I took Monday.
Just consider all of these my favorite shots. Look for the 2 yellow birds in this one. Was completely an accident that I got them on here since I took this while on the 4 wheeler with Conner and Madyson.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day family gathering

We had so much fun at Amy’s for Memorial Day. So much food! I really didn’t eat that much, thank God! I was looking through all my pictures and HATED the ones I am in because I sat down and played Call of Duty with Beth yesterday and forgot to take a shower so my hair looks HORRIBLE!!! I pulled it back, and as a person cursed with the *Smith* double chin, I just looked like a boy. And not a pretty boy either. I really loved when Tim came by the house, while working so therefore in uniform, with some stuff that was green and leafy in his car and was so proud of himself for finding it in the woods and getting to arrest the guy that had planted it. He is such and awesome cop. Here are some of my shots from the party. (ps, none of the cop, sorry.)(or the leafy stuff, sorry Aaron.)

I love how much Micah and Conner look alike in this picture. Ignore the Mexican sitting next to them, we hired him to baby sit and cook for the party.

Amy and her Bff, Spaz. Here she is saying how much she loves the way he follows her around and stares at her till she just wants to give him kisses galore.

Here she is offering him food out of her mouth like a good Mommy. She then proceeded to pick the fleas and ticks off his back. Now if we could only get her to be that attentive to her own kids.

I love how excited the kids got over bubbles. Ben and Conner were constantly fighting for the spot right in front of Aaron, so they could pop the bubbles the fastest.

Dorkas hamming it up.

You’ll notice Aaron’s gimp hand in this picture. This was the only think he could do because he could do it with the one hand. Long story there, not going to share on here. Well, if he gets me the x-rays like he promised then I probably will.

I had to MAKE Josh look at me and not Amy because she kept following me around taking the same shots as me. Love the hair cut Jesse!

Jesse and her friend Tamra that Aaron kept trying to get her number and she just kept shooting him down. Lol. Poor little gimp hand Aaron.

Favortie shot of the day is of Mom's light fixture above the table.

And of the rainbow we found. Also, check out that Awesome cloud. It is so huge!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Obstacle course

Well, I didn’t win the photo contest I entered. No shocker there. It was just awesome to be in the top 50. Oh well, another month, another contest/chance.

I would like to tell you how ingenious my kids are. We have a little plastic pool that, when I bought it, came with a metal rod that you were supposed to screw under the slide so that the slide didn’t collapse while you were trying to use it. I screwed it in but it didn’t last so the kids have just not been sliding, or sliding then falling off in the grass. (which, fyi, is so funny to see!) So the girls got sick of all that and decided to take care of it. Here is what they came up with.

See the chair. How ingenious is that! I’m not sure which kid came up with it, but there it is. How smart are they!!! They also made a obstacle course.

Start at the swing set, then run across the mat, bounce on the trampoline and then jump in the pool.

They are the smartest kids in the world! They had so much fun doing it too. Kept them occupied for hours and I’m a huge fan of something that does that.
I am so excited about having a cookout with my family later! Good food, good food and good food! Oh, and the people aren't that bad either. Yeah!!! HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!!!! Hope you all get to eat Good Food too!

Favorite shot of the day!
Amy, this is the one where my aperture was set at like 8.5. The highest my camera would let me go. Turned out really good didn’t it.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Computer Crap!!!!

Well, I downloaded extra virus protection and now my computer won't let me view my blog. Also, I am taking Madyson to the Dr. today so I have Crap to deal with. No long post, or pitures. Sorry. Be back after I can get this thing worked out.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Top 50!!!

I just found out that I made the top 50 in a contest I like to enter every month. TOP 50!!! There were over 150 entries and I made it to the top 50. That is so awesome. I am so excited. I don’t expect to win but the fact that I made it to the top 50 is so cool. I really like saying that. TOP 50! TOP 50! TOP 50! Here is the picture

The theme is “April Showers.” I honestly don’t think it’s that unique or amazing. Some of the other entries were absolutely AWESOME! Well, here is the link to the other ones. If it doesn’t work try copying and pasting. And if you don’t understand any of that I’m sorry but you are out of luck.

Jesse came over “to see me” the other day, she said, but spent the whole time playing with my kids. Mostly Conner. I can’t believe here butt actually fit on that thing. Lol. Love you Jess.

Anytime he made a noise she was right there, “are you ok?” Can you breath?” Do you want a cookie?” Conner told me later that he doesn’t even like her, he just wants the cookies.

I really just wanted to put the picture of her on the see-saw on here because I know her friends at work read this. LOL. Love you, Ho!

Favorite shot of the day.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ugly Old Man

OMG! Conner is being a nightmare this morning so I am going to hurry and do this. Him and Madyson are currently sitting beside me on the couch having a slap fight. They don’t want me to start playing too.

I forgot all about this next picture till Jessica reminded me last night and gripped at me for not posting it yet. Sorry Jesse, I take like a thousand pictures a day and cant be expected to remember them all. So here is the ugly little old man/monkey. We came across this thing at Varnell Nursery last Saturday and swore up and down she was carrying a midget around. (j/k we thought it was a dog, but midget just sounded better.)

The kids wanted to pet him so bad but apparently it saw them as competition or something. Either way he kept trying to attack so we moved along quickly. But not before I got permission to take his picture. We did ask about how much they cost and the chick told us 3 to 5 thousand. OMG!!! For an Ugly Old Man! No thank you. I can get one cheaper if I just drive over to the old folks home.
The kids favorite part were the orange fish.

Favorite shot of the day even though Tim thinks I am crazy for liking this picture. He’s just crazy. There is something about this picture that I just Love, other than the fact that I took it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You want my hand WHERE!

Tim and I went fishing yesterday and you know me, had to take my camera. I didn’t take a lot of pictures though because Tim was catching fish let and right and I wanted to beat him so I just kept fishing. Finally after 2 hours I gave up and would read a while, then fish a while. Tim caught 7, I caught 2. I blame it on the fact that he gave me the stupid worm that the fish didn’t like and he fished with the one they loved, because right after I switched (well, 2 hours later) I got my first one. Here is me not wanting to touch it.

But since Tim is a meanie, I had to touch one. Here’s how the conversation went.

“Hold it or I’m pushing you in.”

“But it might bite me!”

“Louise, I swear.”

“But it is slimy!”



Little shove. “Your going in.”


“Put your fingers here.”



"You want my hand WHERE!!!"


“OMG! Jesus, don’t let it bite me. Please!”

Then 5 minutes later…..

You’ll notice my left hand is clenched, and it stayed clinched like that the whole time. My husband is a mean butt head. I do not like to touch fish! They are gross and slimy and smelly. I go fishing to try and beat Tim by catching more fish, which I used to be able to do, all last summer I out fished him, and I like to read with no kids screaming in my ears. And yes, he made me touch both of my fish. As if once wasn’t torture enough.

I guess I should put some pictures on here of him and his fish.

GOD! That is so disgusting! Apparently, when the fish swallows the hook you have to go in after it. I say just let the stupid creature die because my hand is NOT going in it’s mouth.

Favorite shot for today.

Monday, May 18, 2009

You went potty Where?

It was HOT Saturday. Really, really, hot. So I decided to pull out the kids pool and let them go swimming. Of course, as soon as I get their suits on them they have to pee. It happens every time. So I have started telling them to just pee in the grass. Its not going to hurt them or the grass, and they always get washed off with the water so, whatever. Well, I was balancing the check book while the girls played in the pool and Conner took a nap. They were playing great. Not fighting, which is awesome. I hear them talking, and pretending to be dogs, horses, butterflies, all kids of animals. Then I hear Madyson say, “I have to use the potty.” Regan says, “Pee in the grass.” Then that’s it. Nothing else on the subject. After a while I go out to tell them to turn off the water and not to be so loud because Conner is sleeping(thank God!). I ask Madyson if she went pee-pee in the grass and she said, “No, poop.”

Me, “!!!!…. What?”

“I went poo-poo in the grass.”

“OMG!!! Madyson we don’t poop in the grass! Why didn’t you come in to poop?”

“Regan told me to use the potty in the grass.”

Here's after I made her get out of the pool.

So then I had to explain we DO NOT poop in the grass, we pee ONLY. Of course, I had to ask her where she pooped and then get a bag and get it out of the yard so the kids didn’t step in it and track it through the house later. It was so tempting to just forget it was there, never mention it again or anything, but I knew I would TOTALLY regret that later. So we went to find it, and sure enough, a big log in the grass. It was so disgusting!!!!!! (one exclamation point just didn’t cover how disgusting it was.) !!!!!!!! (just in case) This stuff always happen to me when Tim is at work and I can’t make him go get it. Some how Conner got poop on his own foot today and of course it ended up on my pants. Oh, to have the option to go back and not do it all over the same way. No kids, no dog or cat, maybe a husband, laying on a beach, never having anything to do with anyone’s feces. Oh, lost chances. *sigh* You hear that Mom! When you get old enough that you can't control your own bodily functions it's Happy Acres for you.

We went to the Aquarium yesterday again and here are some shots I loved or made me laugh out loud. I think you can click on this picture and it will let you enlarge it and then you can see Regans face. Priceless.

Favorite shot today.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Surprise uploads

Sticking with the Mother’s Day theme, we made these for my Mother-in-law. It was very easy. Just buy the pots, I got the ones that were only 1.27, and then the colored markers that were like $3, and then just let your kids go crazy. You’ll notice that they are wearing long shirts. That is so they don’t ruin there clothes, but I didn’t change out of my favorite Kaki pants because I didn’t plan on getting close to the kids while they messed with the Permanent markers, but of course Conner came over and drew on my pants. Thanks Conner.

Here is the finished product.

I even put the year on it so that if they survived for very long we would know when they were made. They are still sitting in my flower bed waiting to go to Beverly. We also made one for Tim’s Grandma and sister, Lisa. I think on flowers and pots all together I only spent about $20.

I just got around to uploading my pictures to my computer today. I've needed to do it for about 2 days now. When I did I found these pictures on here.

I must have left my camera down somewhere where the girls can get it. I never do that so I don’t know when it was. These are dark because the girls don’t understand the flash thing yet. Give it a few years. I do remember cleaning fingerprints off the lens yesterday but I thought I had accidentally touched it since I lost my lens cover. Guess not. These little sneaky butts did it.

Favorite Shot for today.