Friday, January 22, 2010

Christmas '09

Ok, so I feel like I should explain this picture. First, my parents had 9 kids, and of those 9 kids 3 have their own kids(10 actually), and also of those 9 about 6 of us buy for everyone. And we only open on a day that ALL of us can be there. So when you add that all up you get this....

The tree is 71/2 feet tall and there are present going ALL the way around it. It usually takes about 20 to 25 minutes to get them all passed out and even then with everyone opening and throwing paper balls at each other it takes about an hour for it to calm down enough for us to start cleaning, but the good thing is that with all those people the clean up only takes about 20 minutes. All-in-all it comes down to about the best day of the year.

Also, we don't buy each other expensive thing. I think I got by with spending about $6(some less) a person this year. (Dad a little more since we always go in on something big for him.) It's fun and easy and it's something I look forward to doing for many years to come. :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Here are the Orchid pictures I promised. Love these! So unique and colorful. Enjoy.

I walked under a mist sprayer on accident and it fogged up my lens and I freaked out a little. Camera seems to be ok though.

We'll just say All of these are my Photo of the Day.(Which I am going to try and get back into doing.)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

All Jumbled Up In One Big Post....

I know, I know! I haven't posted in Ages. I didn't have my computer cord, just got one about a week ago, so I didn't have my pictures or access to my pictures. I'm just going to put pictures on here and explain them as we go along. They are not in order. That would take so much time since blogspot has changed and they wont let you drag the pictures anymore. So here it goes....

The 3 youngest cousins (on Tims side) telling Santa what they wanted for Christmas. Conner asked for Cars. (Which he got! GOOD JOB SANTA!!!!)

Conner and his Daddy at the Aquarium by the "petting the sting rays" tank. That is the kids favorite part of the Aquarium, mine is the pictures I can get of the flowers and butterflies and of course of my kids. Tim's favorite part.... Leaving. And just because God loves me the orchids were in bloom! Orchids aer my favorite flower, also Lilacs. But they had so many varieties there. I took like 20 pictures of them. I'll try and post the pictures tomorrow.

I love this shot of the girls.

Jessica and Josh(with his Fake smile.)

The fun group!

Tim made me get in some pictures this time even though I didn't want to.

My favorite Picture!

They forcasted so much snow!

During our big snow storm.

My outside lights that are still up because ,I hate January and because it is so gloomy, that I wanted to still get to enjoy my lights.

Me and Madyson passing the time in Indiana with the family, waiting till we could open presents.

The Twins in their School Christmas Program outfits. SO ADORABLE!!!

Fun times! Even though we FROZE OUR BUTTS OFF and will NEVER be going back. All the cousins on Tim's side of the family.

A few weeks before Christmas ALL of my kids got sick. Yes, I did say ALL. It was horrible! I immediately took them to the Dr. ASAP. Madyson had Bronchitis, Regan and Natalie had an ear ache, Conner had strep throat.(I KNOW!!! STREP!!!) They all got on Antibiotics. They were still sick for 3 weeks though. For the most part it wasn't that bad. Oh! Did I mention I got Strep also in the middle of all this. Ha! Like 4 sick kids wasn't enough! Tim was such a Trooper. He took off from work to take care of the kids since I couldn't, and made sure I had plenty of rest and fluids. Love you Babe! It was the worst I have ever felt. We'll the kids were supposed to take Amoxicillin for 10 days. After 6 days we noticed a faint rash on Conner and Natalie. After 7 days we took them back to the Dr. He told us nothing. Said it was just part of the fever. So, Tim called his brother Dennis, who is a Dr in Louisiana, and told him about it. Come to find out the kids have a slight allergy to Amoxicillin that only shows up after they have been taking it for so long. (Madyson wasn't on that one, she had to take something else.) He recommended that we stop giving them the meds immediately since they were already over it anyway. This stupid Rash lasted for 7 days! 7 DAYS! We stopped giving Regan her medicine after 4 days so she wouldn't get the rash too so she was good to go. But the other 2 looked horrible and I was honestly worried they had gotten Roseola or something. Anyway, like a good Mom I got pictures!

Just look at her poor face! Good thing it didn't scar or she wouldn't be able to make me money when she gets older and gets a career in Modeling. ;)
Ok, this has taken me like 3 hours to do. Conner has been playing Wii(THANKS DENNIS!!!) almost the whole time. He is turning into a pro. Not sure if that is a good thing or not though. He cries to play it CONSTANTLY! Hopefully, I will get around to putting the pictures of the Orchids on here tomorrow but no promises.