Friday, April 30, 2010

Trampoline.... Did I mention it was FREE!

My kids got a FREE trampoline this month. LOVE IT!!! Conner spends all his time on it and has actually learned how to jump at the same time as his sisters. They are all so cute with their hair sticking up all over the place. Fun times.....:) Thanks Misty!!! They taught me how to "Butt Jump" tonight and lets just say that I officially thing this is a talent Every one should have.

Pic of the day....

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Regan hanging with some of my favorite little trees....

I actually have this one as my computer background because I love it so much. If you enlarge it you can see the yellow pollen on these.

Love this one! I dont know what it is but I do know that I don't remember seeing it any other year.

I bought some of these because they are so pretty and come back every year.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Found in my Mothers front yard....

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!!!

My favorite eggs made all day!!! (I made them, of course) The green one is throwing up in case you can't tell. Lol. Love that one.

Yes, I did copy this off of an email I received, but who cares. It was so much fun doing it.

I did just notice that I didn't get a picture of Mom and Dad this year. And no family picture. We just couldn't get it together. Too busy or something. Crazy. I do wish I would have got one of Mom and Dad though. :(

Conner did so good except he didnt really like picking up the "real" eggs again this year.

Oh that hair! Poor Natalie. I did brush it, I promise. I had big plans of putting pretty braides in the girls hair and Conner ruined that when he wouldn't stop crying. I swear that kid cried for 30 minutes "I WANNA PLAY WII!!!!" I almost just shoved the Wii down his throat. Good Lord! It was a little rough this morning, needless to say.


Josh making Aaron VERY uncomfortable....

Me and the Man...

Madyson was too busy to look at teh camera.

Conner's helper.

Mom's bird feeder had a visitor while we were hanging out...

Oops, got distracted.... Love this tree though.

My Girls. They are so Cute! Too bad about the hair though. Poor girls. Wish they had a better mommy.... ;)

Josh and Aaron doing the "Jared pose." (Inside joke that I might fill you in on later)

Melissa and Clay

Jessica and Josh

Sister pictures. Jessica is Always making us do crazy stuff in pictures, hence the hands on shoulders pose. Lol.

Regan just lost her first tooth!!!! Such a big girl! We keep forgetting to put it under the pillow so the tooth fairy can give her a dollar. Hmmmm. Maybe tomorrow night.

Me and Josh doing the "Jared pose"

Beth and Clifton's Easter picture. Very nice! Good job Louise!!! ;)

Amy and Chad. We had to MAKE chad be there. He kept trying to sneak off. Then he would make crazy faces and screw up the picture because he hates to smile or something.

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!! Hope you had a wonderful day and wish you could have been here grandma. Miss you!

Friday, April 2, 2010