Thursday, October 22, 2009

Finally got off my Butt....

I've been trying to find a good Fall picture for my Header picture at the top of the page all Month. Got it at the apple festival last weekend while freezing my butt off. Seriously, it was so cold the kids didn't even try to run from us. They stayed close enough to steal body heat. It's usually not this cold so soon but this year it is already so bad I had to pull out the kids Thick winter coats. I guess we're in for a bad winter. Hopefully not, but we'll see.

Here we are heading in.....
The Group at the end of the day....

Madyson and her Pony ride. Used a new setting on my camera and most of my pictures turned out blurry. That's what I get for branching out.

Jesse and her Bff Conner. (At least when Amy's not around. Lol)

Taking a break... While dodging the balloons.

Conner petting a goat while trying to dodge the poop.
Beth stopped to talk on the phone and became a toy. Here she is trying to figure out how not to be the "monkey in the middle."

The hay ride where we got attacked by balloons the WHOLE time. They turned out to be the most annoying thing we had to deal with all day. Finally let them go and told the kids they were going to Heaven to see Jesus. Conner said "Bye 'loons go to 'esus." So sweet.
And here we are heading out about 2 hours later....

The original picture that I used for my header.

Photo of the day. Self explanatory

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Roses are Red.... Well, Orange in this case.

Here are some pictures of the Beautiful roses on the rose bush I bought 4 months ago. Yes, 4 months ago. I know, I know. I swore to myself that I would get it planted Immediately. As you can see here That didnt' happen. But it still lives and blooms all the time and it's right beside my walkway so I get to see it anytime I leave or come home. (thought that would help me get motivated to plant it....nope.)

Now I don't know if it's too late to plant it or not. Should I put it in the garage till spring, setting it out every few days that it's sunny this winter? I guess I could google it but that would be way too easy. I'm just going to blog about it and do nothing. That's the "Louise Way."

Monday, October 12, 2009

Night Shift Sucks

I hate when Tim is on night shift. I have to try and keep the kids quiet till he wakes up and I'm always paranoide that they are going to wake him up and he's going to come upstairs all mad and gripping. They used to be happy watching cartoon with their Mommy, but not so much anymore. It's gotten so hard this time around. (He switches from nights to days every 4 months.) Makes life so much harder.

They are also on Fall break this week, the week Tim works 5 days instead of 2. (12 hour shifts.) It's raining outside and they no longer are happy playing in their room, they wanna go places or play in the living room. This is going to be a fun fall break. NOT!

This is what we used to do. Isn't Natalie so cute playing on her little computer with Mommy. ;)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


OMG! Some days I would like to go back in time and just smack Eve in the face for the sheer pleasure of it. She just had to screw up everything didn't she. (personally I really believe she was tricked and Adam wasn't.) Only on days like today when moving, not moving, laying, Drugs and punching does nothing what-so-ever to help with the cramps. Wish I had one of these right now....

Or maybe one of these!

Check out all that yummy, ooey gooey Chocolate. YUM!