Friday, September 25, 2009

The Coveted Purse.....

Amy got this purse at the Salvation Army. Since then Me, Melissa and Jessica have been waiting for her to get done with it so we can steal it. She might actually walk into her room one day and find all her junk laying on the bed.... I'm just saying, Jessica is a little crazy that way.... ;) Anyway, it's a Fossil (I know, Right! Fossil!!!) (I love Fossil!) It's one of the ones that the strap can go across your chest like a bag, not a purse. It would be PERFECT for me. Come on Amy! Get over it already! I like my Brown "Green" bag but I've been carrying it since Christmas and need a new one. Hmmmmm, maybe I'll meet Beth today at the SA and find me one too. It's that or steal Amy's and blame it on Jesse.
Just look at those colors! So bright and strip-ie. It just Screams,"TAKE ME LOUISE, I'M YOURS!!!"
Look at it all happy and safe looking in my lap. It's even smiling, it likes me that much. :)
Picture of the day is of the sunrise last week. If you click on it you can see the sun beams breaking through in the larger version.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


We had a yard sale at Beth's last weekend, or maybe 2 weekends ago. Can't remember now. The days are flying by so fast now that they all just kinda run together. Yard Sale. Right. I never have anything to contribute except baby clothes, maybe a few mens clothes, never toys because the kids would flip. That's it. And even though people seem to be pushing out kids left and right No One wants to buy baby clothes anymore. Last yard sale I made like $75. Nice, right. HA! Got my hopes up that I would be having another nice yard sale experience. The title of this blog is exactly how much I made. (give or take a few cents) I was so looking forward to having that money. Buy me some new pants, maybe a shirt or 2, some more flip flops. Yeah Right! Back to reality now. Pay a few bills with it
Trying to get everything ready.
Casey's contribution. Lol. Love you Casey!
We had Junk.
We had clothes.
We had books.
My contribution. Other than my smiling face of course. :)

Amy trying to steal what little space I had.... She's evil, that one.
The one customer I managed to get a picture of.....
Some of Brandi's stuff. So cute, right! Baby fever coming on..!.... Oh no, wait... Just gas. Ok, good. Wouldn't want to have to explain that one to Tim. Might be grounds for Divorce in his eyes. Lol.
So I walked away with $7.50. Fun times. Happy memories. Sarcasm.

Picture of the day is actually 2 since I couldn't choose which one I liked better.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Local Flooding....

We pulled up at Madyson's school a little early today and caught the kids doing the fire drill. How cute is it that they make them hold on to the person's shirt in front of them. Mady got so excited when she saw us watching. Started waving and jumping, screwed up the line. Oops.

I still think she goes too much to school. I want them to cut back on days but I have to get around to asking and I haven't done that yet because I usually try to get in and out of that place ASAP. My record is 123 seconds. If it wasn't for the signing in thing it would be quicker.

So, we've had a little rain recently. About 5 inches worth. (Apparently that is a lot, doesn't sound like it to me but hey, who am I to argue.) Anyway, Conner decided to take advantage of all the water laying around just for him.

Not sure what he was doing here. Maybe drinking the nasty rain water, or just trying to make sure the front of him was just as wet as the back.

I always pull out the switches for going in the road. The whole danger thing. Wanna get the point across. Doesn't seem to be working though. Here he is running from me. He was so cute that I just had to get some pictures before I had to be mean.

Photo of the day..... Conner dropped his shoes and ran when he saw me coming.

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's good to be back!

Now, I had an idea in my head that I wanted my First blog in like a Month to look like but of course Blogspot isn't cooperating. Not wanting to drag stuff like it's supposed to so I can't arrange the pictures the way I wanted to. Sorry. Feel free to pretend I did though. :) We went to the Aquarium last week and since we love it SOOOO much it was the perfect day for us. My artistic shots are all mixed in with the family shots and I had wanted to separate them. I was also going to add so many more pictures but got fed up with fighting with it. Try again later.... Sorry.

Regan being her silly self....

My new favorite area to get pictures. The Jellyfish arts area.

Conner Loves Alligators.

Madyson right after she smacked into the desk running Full force. I swear she hit to hard I almost expected her to pass out.

Conner wanting to pet the stingrays till Tim would have him touch the water and he would freak.

We went on a Tues so there was NO crowd. We loved it. Got to stop and play where we usually rush through because of the crowds.
Here we are just getting there. I told you it wouldn't let me arrange them the way I wanted to.

Checking out the Stingrays. I kept waiting for one of them to fall in. I asked a lady that was working there if people have ever fallen in, She said, "ALL THE TIME!"
Natalie going for it....
Picture of the day.... Gotta love the Orchids.

Friday, September 11, 2009


I am so sorry people. I feel so bad for just leaving you hanging. I am still waiting on Tim to get our computer fixed and it is DRIVING ME CRAZY!!! I have about 600 pictures on my camera and can't do anything about it till Tim steps up and handles this crap. So Sorry.....