Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fall Family Photo of '08

Last Years Family Photo.....

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall Photo-Op

Our (new) annual Fall Photo-Op at Red Clay Park. I tried waiting till all the leaves were beautiful. I think they turned out pretty good. Let me know what you think though.
My Twins.

We told Conner to look at Mommy and smile...... Yeah, I know. He's not the brightest crayon in the box right now. Give it a few more years.

Natalie. She did so good.

Regan. The only Not weird face she made all day. And her chopped-up bangs. Those things will NOT grow.

I think Madyson is the most unique looking of all my kids. She's either going to be drop dead gorgeous when she older.... or just one very strange looking girl.

Natalie turned out to be the one that wanted her picture taken the most. Turns out she is also the Most Photogenic of the bunch.

Conner and his Daddy.

Too Bright for them.

Regan always wants pictures of "The Twins." She tells Madyson all the time "Just the Twins!" Poor Mady.

Just look at those beautiful trees.

Tim wouldn't let me get away with just taking pictures. He made me be a joiner. I'm sooooo not a joiner.

Just look at those Baby Blue's. The Mailman had eyes like that..... Lol.

I love how her eyes match the trees in this picture.

See! Regan weird face. She always does that weird smile. Drives me crazy.

Conner did not like sitting on the trees. This was taken in-between screams for his Daddy.

Natalie and her new Friend....
And "The Bohannon's"

Thank you strange man for taking the pictures for me. I was just gonna prop it up on the rail like last year but he offered to help. Very kind. Weird, but kind.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dad Part II

I just recieved this from my Wonderful Grandmother and just wanted to share it with the rest of you. I loved it Grandma. Thank you. Look for my comments in Bold Italics.

My water broke at 1:30 PM and Mother and I called Bob (Grandpa) home from American Standard. He came home and SHAVED (OMG! That's a man for ya.) while I had severe pains in my back and a towel catching the water. (Officially my hero now!) We lived in Shively and we drove to Jewish Hospital. Mike was born at 3:20PM. While I was having him Mother was in the Chapel praying and God said "It is a little boy." As she walked out Bob came to tell her we had a boy! He was beautiful! Pretty round head, and the lady in the room with me was Catholic and her boy had an oblong head for she had hard labor. She called in the Priest to pray for him. She thought he would die. It was so sad. A few days later Mother prayed for Michael that he would be a Holiness preacher! She stayed with me a week. When Michael was about 2 weeks old -I rolled out of bed and with my knees on the floor-kneeled by the bed -I held his little hand and thanked GOD for him. I told God I would raise him in Church and tell him about JESUS but there was something I could not do-I ask GOD to put the LOVE of JESUS in his heart. I often think of that prayer and know GOD is REAL! Praise HIS HOLY HOLY HOLY name JESUS!

I thought I was going to have more comments in there but she handled it perfectly I thought.

I honestly don't think I could have handled having kids back then. Give me drugs, drugs, and more drugs. Thank you so much Grandma for the information. I have been asking him and Mom more questions lately about them growing up. Things they did, saw, experienced. I just want to know about them. They getting on in years and I don't want to have questions about stuff like that when they are not around to answer. (Also, expecting you to live FOREVER for me so I can ask you stuff they can't answer. On top of other things of course.) Thank you again for the story Grandma. I really LOVED it.

Ps. Did your Mom get to see Dad become a preacher?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Big 6-0

Today, sixty years ago My Dad was born. SIXTY! I used to think that was old till I hit my 3rd kid, Now 100 is not old to me. I don't know any stories about when he was born.
Somewhere in there, around the 30 mark, he married Mom and for the next 30 years he had like 50 kids. Lol. Just kidding. There's just 9 of us. This in the Only picture I have of my parents together, except for Family pictures.

8 Years Ago....

8 years ago today I gave this really cute Boy my phone number, not really expecting him to call but whatever, and around 4 or 5 pm he DID call. Then started the 4 month world wind romance that resulted in this....

(If I would have known that I would have said "NO!" Lol. Just kidding.)

Now 8 years later he still knows how to make me laugh More than anyone else, Get ticked Faster than anyone else, And the Only one to give me these mushy feeling. He is still the first person I tell all my problems too. (After running them past Mom and the sisters first, of course.)

We met while working at Duracell, third shift. About 10 of us would go out to breakfast almost every morning after work then go home and crash till work. (not together, our own houses. Gah, mind out of the gutter people.) This one morning it was me and like 6 boys. All of whome I had eaten with before, except Tim. We laughed, joked, had a good time. (Cracker Barrel, by the way.) When it came time to pay the check Tim said, "I'll buy yours if you get the tip." I said, "Ok." Then Michael said, "It's not going to work man, She doesn't put out for buying her breakfast. We tried.... Lol." Needless to say I laughed in all of there faces (After I got over the shock) and told them under no circumstance would I EVER sleep with ANY of them in the first place and it's their own fault for thinking I would for just buying me breakfast. (I might have thrown in some other words but can't remember.) (Also, not the sleeping around kinda girl.) Tim said that wasn't why he was buying it in the first place :) and that he still wanted to buy it. So I let him. 2 weeks after that we met up at the Halloween Blockparty and hung out all night. He met Amy, Chad, Beth, Jessica, Katie and Baby Ethan. And didn't run for the hills when I told him how many of us there were. I knew he was a keeper then. ;) Mom loved him from first meeting. Neal too. Didn't threaten him like he did all the others. Lol. Love you Neal! Pretty much Tim wormed his way into my family's hearts really fast. I took him to Christmas in Indiana while we were still dating. He slept on Grandma's couch and had to listen to Fa-la run through the house ALL NIGHT LONG! He told me the next morning that he didn't sleep at all that night. He was freaked out and hiding in a corner while we threw presents across the room at each other, now he gets right there in the middle and throws with the best of us. He was such a good pick. I'm glad I caved and gave him my number. I love you Baby! Here's to 8 more!

The sad thing is I dont have any pictures of me and Tim together on my computer since he moved them all to the external hard drive and hid it from me. I'll try to add a picture of us as soon as I can find one.